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Physical and Mental Health Support Services

A list of services that are available to you if you are struggling either physically or mentally during this time.

It is really important to look after each other at this difficult time and all teachers are available to support our boys if they need help. There are, however, a number of organisations dedicated to and trained in helping members of the public in crisis, including the Samaritans and Pieta House.


Soar are also running support sessions and workshops on Instagram and YouTube. There is a session at 5pm this evening.You can find them on: @soar_foundation or on https://www.youtube.com/soarireland



The HSE.ie also provides a list of out of hours doctors services nationally, who are available to help in a crisis.


The HSE advice service has issued the following advice for young people:


They have also issued the following advice for parents to support with keeping your children in a routine during this time and for talking to them about the COVID-19 virus:



The Samaritans

If you feel like you would like support from the Samaritans, you can phone them for free on: 116123.

Alternatively, you can email them on jo@samaritans.ie . The samaritans will respond in 24 hours.

Or here is a link to some other advice from them: https://www.samaritans.org/ireland/how-we-can-help/support-and-information/

Pieta House

You can contact them by phoning 1800 247 247 or texting HELP to 51444.


Grief and Bereavement:

During this time, we have already had some loss in our school community. The Irish Hospice Foundation has shared some resources to support with grief in what is an exceptional time, when we can't celebrate the lives of our loved ones and mourn together as we usually would.


Government of Ireland information

The official Government information portal, providing information on measures being taken to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19, is available below. The general public is asked to follow this advice and stay informed.

Regular updated information is also available at the links below:
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